Family Stories : Mary

Mary SingleMy name is Mary and I graduated Family Drug Court May 19, 2008. I spent 20 years lost in the world of addiction after my mother’s death in 1987. I felt hopeless and alone with no way out. Throughout the years I had lost everything: my home, car, driver’s license, and job. My bottom was when, because of my addiction, I lost my youngest child to the state because I was an unfit mother. Life became even more overwhelming due to the fact that I had no idea how I was going to get my son back!

The DHS worker who took my son came to talk to me after I was released from jail to see what my intentions were. At that time I broke down and asked for help for my alcohol and drug addiction. He was the one who first mention Family Drug Court to me. He told me it would be the best way to get help and get my son back. Thank God for Family Drug Court! Because of this program I learned how to live clean and sober and become a good parent to my children. Family Drug Court is amazing with all the services that they provide. I believe that there is no way I could have made the changes in my life without Family Drug Court.

Mary_Mug Shot Before FDCToday I am seven and a half years clean and sober! I continue to spread the message of recovery. I work as a recovery mentor for Family Drug Court and love giving back to the program that saved my life. I am currently in college studying to be an addiction counselor in hopes to continue to help others to overcome their addiction issues. Today I am a good parent and role model to my children and grandchildren. Because of Family Drug Court my life is amazing and today I live a happy, sober, and productive life where I wake up every day with my children’s love and respect, and that means the world to me

I can never thank Family Drug Court enough for all their help and the life that they have helped me achieve.


Mary and Family