Family Stories : Marc

Marc_IndividualI was labeled a career criminal at age 19 and, since turning 18, I was convicted of over 20 felonies and was sent to prison four times. My life before Deschutes County Family Drug Court was out of control and having nothing but negative effects on me, my significant other, my children and all of my family members and friends. I took for granted my family’s unconditional love, I lied, made excuses, hurt loved ones emotionally, and let everyone down in one way or another. I wasn’t reliable, I was dishonest and I was selfish. I put society in danger by the lifestyle I was living and I was a menace.

I was arrested on November 6, 2011, the day before my birthday. I had hit my rock bottom and needed a change in my life. I was interviewed and accepted into Drug Court and was released from Deschutes County Adult Jail in early 2012. My clean date is my birthday, November 7, 2011. I cherish that date because I really was born again that day.

Marc Mugshot Before FDCWhile participating in the program, I was taught life skills, communication skills, accountability, structure, parenting skills, had a firm agenda the whole way through and learned the entire way. I learned to be responsible for myself and my actions. I learned how to reach out when I needed help instead of telling myself I could “handle it.” The Drug Court Team was a huge part of my success. They provided me with resources and outlets that I would have never known about or used had they not revealed them to me. I was in the program for about 15 months and graduated on March 18, 2013. Upon graduating, I was also released from parole after 19 years.

Since graduating the program, I gained trust between me and my significant other, whom now is my wife, and my children now know that I will be coming back home to them when I leave. My parents have both told me they are proud of me and my accomplishments. My side and my wife’s side of the family are proud. I’m proud of who I am today. I have a healthy home and it’s a safe home. I spend quality time with my children and family. Through resources affiliated with Drug Court I’ve managed to get my driver’s license. I am a couple classes away from my Associate’s Degree in Exercise Science. I’m a productive member of society. I am now employed by Best Care Treatment services as a Certified Recovery Mentor and I am giving back what was given to me. Hope and Help.