Family Stories


My name is Mary and I graduated Family Drug Court May 19, 2008. I spent 20 years lost in the world of addiction after my mother’s death in 1987. I felt hopeless and alone with no way out. Throughout the years I had lost everything: my home, car, driver’s license, and job. My bottom was when, because of my addiction, I lost my youngest child to the state because I was an unfit mother. Life became even more overwhelming due to the fact that I had no idea how I was going to get my son back!

The DHS worker who […]


I was labeled a career criminal at age 19 and, since turning 18, I was convicted of over 20 felonies and was sent to prison four times. My life before Deschutes County Family Drug Court was out of control and having nothing but negative effects on me, my significant other, my children and all of my family members and friends. I took for granted my family’s unconditional love, I lied, made excuses, hurt loved ones emotionally, and let everyone down in one way or another. I wasn’t reliable, I was dishonest and I was selfish. I put society in danger […]


My name is Aahminneecha, I am a Native American woman. I grew up on and around reservations in Northern California. Like most reservations its sort of growing up in a 3rd world country. There is still a lot of oppression and depression going on there with limited help and resources. While the epidemic rising of drugs and alcohol. If you where lucky and smart enough to stay close to old way of life where ceremonies and certain rituals helped keep you grounded and kept you connected to what we call “The Red Road” you where better off. I am grateful […]


Prior to entering Family Drug Court, I had just about completely given up any home of every regaining control of my life. I had been living on the streets for a couple of years, occasionally staying in hotel rooms, and couch surfing. My worst was when I was sleeping under a bridge, not for just a night or two, but for almost a full year and in my mind, it was OK because I was high.

I was committing heinous crimes daily just to support my drug addictions. My children had somehow became my last priority and Heroin & Meth were […]