Deschutes County Family Drug Court

The Deschutes County Family Drug Court (DCFDC) is a court-supervised, intensive treatment program serving parents in Deschutes County who have had their children removed from their custody or are at risk of having their children removed as a result of substance abuse. The average length of time to successfully complete the program is 18 months. This timeframe varies based on the treatment progress of individual participants.

The mission of the DCFDC program is to promote accountability and substance abuse recovery for parents and ensure the safety and welfare of their children. Using a team approach, the program provides close judicial supervision, intensive substance abuse treatment and comprehensive wraparound services.


  • Lessen the impact of illegal drug use on community law enforcement agencies, courts and corrections
  • Reduce community rates of addiction and substance abuse
  • Help drug addicted parents and pregnant women to become sober and responsible caregivers
  • Create environments in which children are healthy and safe from abuse and neglect Promote positive, pro-social behavior

Who is Eligible to Participate ?

Deschutes County residents, 18 years of age or older, who meet the following criteria may be referred to the Deschutes County Family Drug Court (DCFDC) program:

1. Must have an active child welfare and/or criminal case or both. Priority is given to referrals with both an active criminal and child welfare case.

2. Must have a child(ren) whom they are actively parenting or are working toward actively parenting.

3. Individual must be willing to participate in the program. FDC is a voluntary program.

4. Individual must have a significant current substance abuse problem.

What Services Are Provided?

  • Comprehensive alcohol and drug treatment
  • Frequent & random drug testing
  • Mental health services
  • Budgeting and self-sufficiency training
  • Medical and dental service coordination
  • Parenting skills training
  • Education and employment planning and skills training
  • Housing and transportation assistance
  • Child and family advocacy

Is the Program Effective?

Yes, DCFDC graduates exceed national averages for criminal recidivism and family reunification!

“Nationwide, for every $1.00 invested in Drug Court, taxpayers save as much as $3.36 in avoided criminal justice costs alone. When considering other cost offsets such as savings from reduced victimization and healthcare service utilization, studies have shown benefits range up to $27 for every $1 invested. “

National Association of Drug Court Professionals