Family Stories : Ashleigh

Ashleigh and SonPrior to entering Family Drug Court, I had just about completely given up any home of every regaining control of my life. I had been living on the streets for a couple of years, occasionally staying in hotel rooms, and couch surfing. My worst was when I was sleeping under a bridge, not for just a night or two, but for almost a full year and in my mind, it was OK because I was high.

I was committing heinous crimes daily just to support my drug addictions. My children had somehow became my last priority and Heroin & Meth were my #1 priority which is harder for me to grasp because I used to be a soccer mom, living and breathing only for them. I had my hair license, a house, a job, a car, and my kiddos. But all of that went out the window when I started using and abusing IV drugs. I went from having what I thought was the perfect looking family on the outside to having absolutely nothing and nobody left. I was living only for my next fix, hurting anybody and anything in my way, in and out of jail, and just not caring for anybody or myself. I convinced myself that I could not be helped, that I was going to die being a slave to Heroin and the needle.

On March 13, 2013, I was once again arrested and looking at some time upstate. While I was in jail, I kept hearing about Family Drug Court and how it was helping so many people who were or had gone through a lot of the same life situations I had and was going through; drug addiction, trauma, and abuse. So I took it upon myself to write Judge Brady a letter and then talked to my attorney. Soon I was given a chance to become part of Deschutes County Family Drug Court. After going through inpatient treatment at BestCare to learn some important essential tools for myself and my recovery, I went to stay at the Bethlehem Inn and eventually got into the Women’s Oxford House where Deschutes Family Recovery first helped me with sobriety. I received $150.00 for a security deposit and prorated rent of $250.00, and 2 months rent of $350.00 after that, totaling 917.19. I paid this back in full by doing 60 hours of community service work which I completed by cooking turkeys, chickens, baking cookies, and preparing other meals for our local homeless shelter, the Bethlehem Inn.

My life today consists of working part-time at a local gas station, attending all of my outpatient groups at BestCare, and attending and being part of the 12 step community. But the best part is I have all 3 of my children (ages 11, 9 and 6) more today than I ever have. I have continued in my sobriety for over 11 ½ months and am more emotionally & physically stable for myself and my children thanks to all the help I have received from Family Drug Court and Deschutes Family Recovery.

Ashleigh Family